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Re-booking cancelled appointments 
We hope you and your family have been keeping safe and well during lockdown.
Our team will be on hand calling clients to re-book cancelled appointments from the 8th March 2021, initially we will call those clients who missed their appointments from either the end of December 2020 (New Milton) or the start of January 2021 (Ferndown) lockdown.

For those clients requesting either ‘hair or beauty colour treatment’ appointments, our team will be required to book 2 appointments for you, one will be for a skin test and one will be for a ‘hair or beauty colour treatment’ appointment.

With new PPE and OHS safety laws in place and for the health and safety of all, our clients will be required to have a fresh skin test at least 48hrs prior to a colour appointment.

There have been proven studies and there is evidence that because of Covid-19 anyone who has had the virus or symptoms could now be more prone to allergies, which includes allergic reactions to colour including bleach. Also, with the introduction of the vaccine, it is at this time unknown if allergic reactions may be heightened, but we prefer not to take any chances.

At the time of your skin test appointment, we will also ask for deposits from all clients. This will then secure your ‘hair or beauty colour treatment’ appointment. We ask for cash preferably (but card will be accepted if cash is not an option) for all deposits as it will make it easier for refunds if you need to cancel your appointment. If you cancel or change the appointment we will require at least 24hr notice for a refund. With a busy time ahead, this will give us an opportunity for us to fill the appointment space.

Please be aware if you cannot attend your skin test appointment your ‘hair or beauty colour treatment’ appointment will be suspended/cancelled.

All skin tests will be recorded on our system and will be valid for one year. Please note, during this busy time we may not be able to answer all phone calls, but if you leave your name, telephone number, and message, we will return your call as soon as possible. We ask you to be patient as we will be extremely busy and will of course do everything in our power to make sure our clients are booked in and their hair and beauty needs are taken care of. Because of social distancing, we politely request you do not visit the salon personally to make an appointment. Please do not attend your appointment if you feel you may have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Our online booking system is scheduled to be active by Wednesday 10th March after we have booked all clients who missed their appointments because of the lockdown. We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you all in the salon soon.

Please note there may be an additional cost to your ‘hair colour treatment’ appointment if we need to use more product to refresh and even out colours. We will be more than happy to accept either contactless or cash payment, unfortunately please be aware at this time we are unable to honour gift cards, offers or discounts.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Stay well, stay safe
Jane, Kelvin and the team

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